Choosing the right type of Schema for your website and all it’s pages or posts can be extremely challenging as there are hundreds of Schema properties.

There is no science behind creating highly relevant mark ups.  There is only art.

However with the Project Supremacy v3 Schema Duplicator, your job of choosing the best Schema Structure for your pages has just become a lot easier!

While browsing Google’s search results there are often great indicators that schema is being used on a displayed result to achieve them.  Some of these include:

  • Image & Video Carousels
  • Featured Images & Videos
  • Answer Box
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Top Stories
  • Featured Snippet
  • and many more.

Often obtaining one or more of the above placements in Google Search Results is a direct result of using the proper JSON-LD Schema Markup.

So how do you know what type of Schema was used, and more importantly how do you create (or re-create) the same mark up?

The Project Supremacy v3 Schema Duplicator tool allows you to duplicate the entire Schema structure of any URL down to every type and property that was used, with just a few clicks!

Once the schema strucutre and properties are cloned, you simply need to replace the data fields for each property with information that is relevant to your own page!  That’s as simple as replacing the text in each form!

With only about 5 minutes of actual work, you can exactly replicate the schema used to get the above mentioned type of results for yourself!

Watch the video above for detailed information about the Project Supremacy v3 Schema Duplicator.