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12 Reasons Project Supremacy v3 Schema Generator Is The Best Tool On The Market

#1 - PSv3 IS EASY TO USE Building even the most complex schema types, including multiple nested properties is easy with PSv3. Most of the Schema you'll build is simply filling in a form. If a nested Schema is requried, PSv3 will open a new window to build the next layer of Schema with the same form builder. Click save and you are done. #2 - PSv3 HAS EVERY TYPE OF SCHEMA The [...]

Schema Dupliator

Choosing the right type of Schema for your website and all it's pages or posts can be extremely challenging as there are hundreds of Schema properties. There is no science behind creating highly relevant mark ups.  There is only art. However with the Project Supremacy v3 Schema Duplicator, your job of choosing the best Schema Structure for your pages has just become a lot easier! While browsing Google's search results there are often great [...]

How To Get Star Ratings In Google SERP Listings

Getting those little "Stars" to show in in the Google search results is easier than you can ever imagine.  All it requires is a bit of Schema code called "Aggregate Rating". Now there are many ways to do this but some are considered spammy, while others are trusted by Google and will never land you in hot water. We're going to outline both methods. From our testing so far, the more spammy way of [...]