If you manage a lot of WordPress websites, than you need a quick way to quickly label your websites into easily searchable groups.

For instance, you might have the following types of websites;

  • Client Sites
  • Personal Sites
  • Affiliate Sites
  • Private Blog Network Sites

With Project Supremacy v3, you can quickly “tag” your sites by the type of site they are.  That way if you ever want to work on just a particular group of sites you can than set a “filter” to only show that specific group.

This becomes extremely useful in a few scenarios:

  1. You want to know how many sites you have in each group.
  2. You want to upload a pre-defined plugin or set of plugins to all sites in a group.
  3. You want a quick overview of the stats and sites you have in each group.

You can even add multiple tags to each website to further define information about your websites.  For instance you could add the following 3 tags to each of your websites;

  • Orange Tags are the type of site.
  • Blue Tags are where the site is hosted.
  • Green Tags are where the domain name was registered.

To take things one step further, we even enabled “clickable tags” by assigning a URL to any tag.  This allows you to assign any URL you want to the tag when it is clicked on.  So for the Blue & Green tags mentioned above, the URL to the login of the host and registrar are set for each of those tags.  The result is the ability to login to the corresponding hosting or registrar with a single click!

Having the right tool to help keep your organized will allow you to access the information you need at lightning speed!